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The community submitted 4 reviews to tell us what they like about Jobsend, what Jobsend can do better, and more.
What do you think about Jobsend?
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Sam Andersen
Hi all!
1 review
This is such a timely product. Nice work! It seems like all we see in the news are layoffs, but so many of our portfolio companies are hiring! I'm sure they'd love an employer side as well, to help communicate with potentially interested candidates.
Daniel Zaitzow


176 reviews
Congrats on the launch! I really love the idea of automating/simplifying the job seeking process. It seems like this has the ability to both help seekers streamline applying to jobs at scale but also has adjacent affect of allowing employers to see more prospects. Looking forward to seeing whats next!
Szymon Gracki
Building startups for fun
2 reviews
hey Anthony, congratz on launch! Super excited about your product as it seems to aggregate a lot of mess for me. Have you checked They are automating similar thing as you do, but a bit differently and requiring less user input
Grant Schulte
Startup CTO. Builder.
2 reviews
At various times, I thought about solving this problem for myself. Kudos for making it happen and doing it well.