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iTranslate Translator

Translate in 100+ languages with the worldwide leading translation and dictionary app.
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What is iTranslate Translator?
iTranslate enables travelers, students, business professionals, employers and medical staff to read, write and speak in 90 languages, anywhere in the world. The iTranslate Apps have been prominently featured many times in the International Press, va...
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Recent launches

iTranslate Keyboard
The iTranslate Keyboard gives you instant translations with ease in any of your favorite messaging apps, e.g. WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger, or directly translate in any Email app.
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iTranslate Lingo

Introducing iTranslate Lingo: The easiest way to learn a language.

With iTranslate Lingo, we’ve made sure to put FUN at the heart of language learning, by designing an app that helps you easily and playfully learn a new language.

It's pretty simple:

** 4 Words per Lesson

** 5 Minutes per Day

** 1K Words in 8 Months!

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