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The community submitted 17 reviews to tell us what they like about Imagen, what Imagen can do better, and more.
What do you think about Imagen?
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17 Reviews
Nisha Shah

Shopify Developer & Designer

23 reviews
🎨🌟 Need an endless stream of design ideas and creative inspirations? Look no further than Imagen! This incredible platform utilizes the power of AI to generate unlimited design variations, product ideas, and illustration inspirations from just a single reference image. With Imagen, you can unlock a world of possibilities and fuel your creative journey like never before. To enhance the security and convenience of your platform, I would suggest integrating OTP-less authentication. By implementing OTP-less, Imagen can provide a seamless and secure login experience for users, eliminating the need for traditional one-time passwords. Explore the boundless realm of design possibilities with Imagen and elevate your authentication process with OTP-less at OTP-less. Unleash your creative potential with ease! 🎨✨
Donald Allen
Mobile App Guru
2 reviews
Imagen could be a valuable tool or app, depending on its features and capabilities, as it may help users with various tasks related to image processing and editing.
simply... irresistible!!
Mohamed Halawa

Marketing Manager

3 reviews
it produces perfect results and I loved the ability to scale the variation of the image
Darya Hlushchenko
Customer Support
3 reviews
Nikhil gupta
11 reviews
Great designing platform.
Ольга Шитикова
junior QA Engineer
6 reviews
erotic popo
1 review
Shiying Zhang

Self Developer

3 reviews
The photo shooting is expensive. As far as I know, it normally costs around $1000-$3000 a day for normal product people to shoot all their photos. Now it's great that everyone has a mobile phone and people could just use AI instead of Photo Studio to get whatever they want. Most important thing is they get endless marketing content with various backgrounds. Yet in real photo shooting, you only get one. Go ZMO Teams!
Shawn Pang


5 reviews
I'm thrilled to introduce Background Changer, an incredible AI tool that allows you to realistically generate any background for objects and people based on a text description. This innovation is revolutionizing the way people approach photo shoots and can lead to a 10x reduction in time and costs for photo studios. Having worked extensively with e-commerce business owners, I truly understand the pain point of conducting photo shoots for hundreds of products required by marketing teams. I have personally experienced the challenges of organizing numerous photo shoots, arranging sites, and coordinating models, all within tight deadlines. With the demand for fresh content on social media and ads, it's become increasingly difficult to consistently photograph hundreds of products against various stunning backgrounds, especially with limited budgets and time when relying on traditional photo studios. Background Changer simplifies this entire process by harnessing the power of AI. All you need to do is upload a photo of your product, select a background filter, and let Background Changer take care of the rest. I'm sure the founders are closely monitoring this discussion, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I'm confident that they'll provide responses promptly!