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Riva by Hurree
Harness the power of AI technology with Riva by Hurree, your personal data analyst.
Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar
Hüseyin Erkmen


The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data
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What is Hurree?
Hurree is more than a dashboard platform, it is the beating heart of your data ecosystem. Our goal is to transform the way businesses centralize, visualize, and collaborate on their data. At Hurree, we've simplified your analytics process, fostering collaboration, and delivering impactful results all within a single, intuitive platform. Say goodbye to countless hours spent piecing together data from various tools and platforms.

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Hurree is your single source for company reporting, providing you with a seamless way to integrate your favourite tools and create visual dashboards that track your most valuable metrics.
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