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The community submitted 4 reviews to tell us what they like about HuntedWall, what HuntedWall can do better, and more.
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4 Reviews
Dan Mindru
Web developer
30 reviews
Huntedwall is great way to thank people that supported your product launch. You just need to point it to your product hunt launch url, add twitter links of your supporters and you’re all set! You just got a beautifully animated page to share with your supporters 🔥

Indie maker at Mobile Media Mania

21 reviews
The look alone is reason enough to try it, but its secret weapon is the value it provides to launch your project. Very glamorous and also extremely useful.

Ekrem Çetinkaya
🏗️ 🚀,
29 reviews
Congrats on the launch, David 🚀 It's a brilliant idea that has came to life finally. I was waiting for HuntedWall for quite some time, and I hoped it would be released before I launch Schovis and HERE WE ARE 😎

Nacho Franchini
I like to build stuff
26 reviews
As a future maker, I know that we are devoted to our supporters. Having an easy and intuitive way to thank them is an absolutely great idea @_dgut , I've already signed up, and looking forward to using HuntedWall for our launch, which btw is coming soon +1 for keeping shipping even with a brand new family member :) Keep up the good work, you're such an inspiration!