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Insights on Product Hunt launches!
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29 Reviews
Michael Lappert
Data driven environmental engineer
5 reviews
If you launch on Producthunt (oh wait, is it Hunted Space a tool to follow the launch on the platform it launches? :D) you do not want to miss out on checking the progress and your 'competitors' on the launch day on Product Hunt! It gives you a lot of information about the launch day itself but has also for postprocessing an archive function! Great product from great people! Keep up the good work and especially your positivity!
Alex Szczurek
ahhh thank you so much!

Anna Kasumova
Co-founder & marketer at
103 reviews
I like this tool for getting insights on PH launches. I just have followed Sandra @sandradjajic in Twitter and get know about this product. My congratulation to your team. Wish you the best. I will definitely try your service. What about your monetization?
Alex Szczurek
Wow thank you so much Anna!

Hai Ta

Founder & Leadership at Wudpecker

1 review
I use hunted space everyday to check the products launching on ProductHunt. With the cinematic experience, I recommend everyone use it when you launch your own product! It's a great experience tracking your launch progress on the big screen.

Igor Krasnik
Paralect, Momentum, Nano Fund
7 reviews
Congrats with the launch Dan! Hunted Space is a super useful and simple tool that I now using couple times per week to see what's going on with the launches. Good luck and hope for the big future for your product!

Hugo Hamel
Product Addict & Solution Creator
12 reviews
Hunted Space is really great! Been using it for all my previous launch since the data is more accurate than on Product Hunt. PH data is more generic, while Hunted Space allows me to have a better understanding of how the launch is going and how I could rank higher by comparing my results with the next 3 launches ranked above mine. Love Hunted Space and truly recommend it!
Aw I am so happy to read this, thank you so much Hugo!

Greg Gilbert
I make products and run companies.
6 reviews
Fantastic way to visualize Product Hunt launches! As usual with this maker, the design is extremely neat and playful.
Thank you so much Greg!

Nacho Franchini
I like to build stuff
26 reviews
@dan_mindru @aliszu @sandradjajic to infinity and beyond indeed. You guys are a dream team. Whatever you put your hands into, it automatically becomes gold! Such an inspiration for the community :) Hunted Space has been bookmarked as a must-follow website ever since I started my Product Hunt path The dashboard is simple, straightforward, and super helpful. I wouldn't even consider doing a launch without it Congratulations and keep up the excellent work! Let's see how high this baby can fly... my bet is high enough!

David Gutiérrez
I build products
11 reviews
Great products don't need many words: Hunted.Space is amazing. It's been my control tower for every PH launch. My favorite feature is being able to visualize your product's voting speed VS your competitor's voting speed. This gives you an idea of what to expect and coincidentally helps spot products that use bots. Great work Dan!
I am super happy David! Thank you

Pranshu Khanna
I build communities.
6 reviews
My go-to place to see what's up in the Product hunting space. I discovered it thanks to Dan on Twitter, and now it's super easy for me to see which product is getting traction, what did they do right or wrong and most importantly compare them on the dashboard.
Yess!!! Wowww thank you so much and if you need any help feel free to reach out :D

Lera the Creator
1 review
Congrats on the launch guys! I remember how during my ProductHunt launch, many people posted these beautiful charts, and every time I thought: "How can I make such a chart? What is this tool? Where did they get it? I want that too!" And that's how I found out about Hunted Space. The most useful thing if you plan to launch your product. I recommend!
Alex Szczurek
Wow thank you so much Lera!