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Vedran Rasic

Founder & Leadership

16 reviews
I enjoyed using Howitzer quite a bit. Superb team!
Brian Swichkow
Managing Partner at One Inc Cooperative
9 reviews
We've been using Howitzer to promote our agency clients, generate revenue with our affiliate offers, and grow our community gatherings. The ability to create a list from a query and send personalized messages is nothing short of a superpower. We are head over heels in love with Howitzer and can't wait for them to grow their featureset even more.
Hugo Hamel
Product Addict & Solution Creator
12 reviews
I highly recommend Howitzer, the team is amazing, the support is great, and obviously they have a unique product that provides a clear benefit of using it.
Stefan Kotevski
Thank you Hugo for all the support you have given us. :D
Just vibing
3 reviews
What an innovative way to reach thousands of people in your niche.
Peter Levine
Founder of
2 reviews
Excellent product! I just created my first campaign and am excited to use this as an avenue to get job listings on my new jobs board
Stefan Kotevski
Thank you Peter. Glad to have you on board
Adi Ankonina
1 review
I just love it!!!🤩 howitzer is the perfecy solution for Reddit Growth with super easy tools to use, great customer support and amazing results. I am your fan!
Monika Rizovska
Co-founder of Ways2help
1 review
It's very user friendly and result driven! Loving it!
Viktor Avramovski
Thank you Monika, we're glad you like it!
Nikola Sokolov
6 reviews
Amazing tool!
Amanda Weston

Founder - Blogs by Jarvis

1 review
Extremely positive. Eye-opener when it came to finding leads on an unfamiliar platform.
Anastas Petrovski
1 review
Well thought features of a great new marketing channel. I have recommended this tool and got back only positive comments. I'm eager to see how the comp and the app will grow.