The best alternatives to HASHTAG NFTs by Proof of Culture are Hootsuite, NFT Schedule, and Pixura. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HASHTAG NFTs by Proof of Culture
  • Social media management for business
  • NFT Schedule is the best source for seeing all the best upcoming NFT drops! Have you ever missed an NFT drop because you didn't know it was coming out? Well not anymore! You can get NFT schedule on our site, Chrome extension, newsletter, Twitter and Telegram.
  • Pixura is a platform for creating, tracking, and exchanging crypto collectibles. Our web interface lets non-technical users create a marketplace in minutes. And we expose powerful APIs for developers, as well as custom integrations. Our smart contracts leverage Open Zepplin's ERC 721 standard solidity contracts.
  • mynfteam aims to, regardless of your experience, provide a platform that allows you to find, join or gather a unique, non-fungible team of people who are passionate about the space and together, WAGMI!
  • Dime is the easiest way to turn your content into unique digital collectibles. Buy, trade, and display your collection, and we make the process fast and incredibly easy. It’s all the benefits of an NFT marketplace—with the barriers to entry removed.
  • Do you want to become a crypto artist ✨ but you are too lazy to learn about NFTs? Relax. Just send a fax. We'll do the rest!
  • Launching soon
  • Mintbase allows people to create and trade digital items as tickets, art, music and much more. Our Minting tool makes it easy to create a token on your own verified smart contract.
  • Water your plant NFT to maturity on Solana with other gardeners. If your plant doesn't reach maturity it will die. Join a web3 garden where commitment is recognized, where patience is rewarded, and where everyone thrives when they root for each other.
  • Nifty Gateway makes a fully functional fiat wallet that makes it insanely easy for people to use your NFT project.
  • An easy way to create encrypted NFT's in less than five seconds. Works on mobile, environmentally friendly via proof-of-space, available offline, and requires zero information upfront.
  • Write your tag, wrap and send! Send an NFT you own this Christmas to a loved one. They'll receive a present in their wallet that they can't unwrap until Christmas Day when the original NFT and your message will be revealed.
  • Using 0X network web-service tracking prices for minting non-fungible tokens on Rarible & Foundation gallery on Ethereum Mainnet.
  • NeuroNFT is a marketplace for collectors to buy and sell rare AI-based NFTs & Crypto Art. We think of it as Shroedinger's gallery: each card contains a limitless number of possible paintings, yet only one is generated by an AI the moment a card is opened.
  • is a marketplace for ERC721 NFTs of Trump tweets. They are pledging to be carbon neutral and to donate the profits from sales to various charities like the ACLU depending on the contents of the tweet.
  • OpenSea is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace