The best alternatives to are Spatial 1.0, Show my NFT on Twitter, and NFT Schedule. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to
  • Spatial is a 3D, collaborative version of video chat in VR/AR. Lifelike avatars make you feel like you're sitting next to each other. Collaborate in virtual rooms full of images, videos and 3D models. Join from Oculus Quest, HoloLens, MagicLeap or the web!
  • Here, we display our Crypto Art on Twitter. Every day, your profile picture is updated randomly based on your NFT collection. Connect with Twitter, sync your openSea wallet and choose your favorites NFTs. We do the rest.
  • NFT Schedule is the best source for seeing all the best upcoming NFT drops! Have you ever missed an NFT drop because you didn't know it was coming out? Well not anymore! You can get NFT schedule on our site, Chrome extension, newsletter, Twitter and Telegram.
  • 24 Hours of NFT An infinite loop of awesome NFT art. Claim your seconds of the day to have your NFT art displayed on every day. Forever. Over 7200 seconds have already been claimed by 140+ artists! See it for yourself on
  • Nftbucket allows people in the Solana ecosystem to create their own personal gallery where they can list their NFTs. It is possible to customize the look & feel of the page.
  • NOW FREE! Identify rarities in NFT collections before they’re officially published, like a ninja in the night. Sign up, search for the collection you want to analyse, and get all the info you need. Then, earn an unlimited income by referring friends!
  • Discover and browse NFT artwork in one seamless experience on all your Apple devices from Watch to TV: - Explore top-selling and top-traded NFTs on OpenSea - Display NFTs by Ethereum wallet address - Flip through items or start a slideshow -Save your favorites
  • NFTsShowOff is a social media where you can show off your NFTs, comment & like NFTs and follow other NFTs collector. You can buy&sell your NFTs on many marketplaces, but what if you want to show off the NFTs that you own or bought? NFTsShowOff is your answer.
  • Get your own gallery and showcase your Solana NFTs. Share your gallery with the world and the crypto-community. 100% free. See my own gallery here:
  • This is a digital frame device for NFT art. Display NFT collection in your wallet on physical device and discover new artworks.
  • SlideshowNFT allows you to view any NFT collection in a slideshow. All you need to do is copy and paste in the URL of NFT collection from an exchange and you can launch the collection into a full-screen, controllable slideshow. Supports most major exchanges.
  • Haunted House Galleries provide away for you to display your spooky NFTs as your profile header photos (PHP)s. You will have three slots for any NFT that you own and two spots for custom carved Crypto Pumpkins. If you own a Crypto Pumpkin then mint is free!
  • opensea is nice to see your own nfts but seeing your friend's is a little harder, and it's not sorted well. so i made an app that makes that easier for people to share nfts. try showkase & create up to 5 of your own links to share with friends!