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What do people think of fyi?

The community submitted 169 reviews to tell us what they like about fyi, what fyi can do better, and more.
What do you think about fyi?
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169 Reviews
Jay Phelps
Discovery Finder | Project Manager
3 reviews
The FYI app seems like a useful tool for organizing and streamlining information, but I would have to use it myself to give a more informed opinion.

Shlomo Genchin
I make things that creatives like
1 review
Awesome resources :) Thanks a ton!

Viacheslav  Polinovskyi
EdTech, Business & Marketing Consulting
15 reviews
thanks for the useful collection


Alex Ng
Alex Ng
Enthusiast in Tech, Love UI/UX
4 reviews

Brendan Weinstein
Semi-Pro Beta Tester
18 reviews
Recommended this product

LOVE FYI and the Team is awesome!


John Vonroth
24 reviews
Recommended this product

This is an interesting take on knowledge gathering and how best to use the latter. Traditionally, the approach has been either to use search(i.e. Google or Algolia) or the use of collections(so many on PH e.g. Startup Stash with their 18K upvotes). UseFYI is an ingenious hybrid: it uses both. The genius of this Marketing Resources List is that is naturally promotes the underlying service by showing what can be done with it and how powerful it is. So, great product in and of itself and brownie points for the innovative promotion!


Justin Jackson
Co-founder of
76 reviews
Recommended this product

This is the most comprehensive collection of marketing resources I've ever seen.


Ben Fisher

Product at Rodeo

4 reviews
Recommended this product
Review of FYI

Been a beta user for several weeks. It's great.


UPDATE: Turns out they've already addressed one of my "cons" (lack of tags)!


Kevin Newman
Preeminent College Marketing Dude
5 reviews
Recommended this product

Just started using it and there's a plethora of material