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What do people think of Flexiple?

The community submitted 226 reviews to tell us what they like about Flexiple, what Flexiple can do better, and more.
What do you think about Flexiple?
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226 Reviews
Mayank Kumar
On a lookout for exciting new products!!
5 reviews
@karthik_sridharan this is really cool. This solves a lot of hurdles for founders constrained by limited access to great devs and designers. Definitely giving this a shot! Kudos and all the best guys :D
Lakshmanan Raman

Marketing at Vmaker

6 reviews
Karthik and Team, congrats on the launch. The redesign looks really good. It's interesting how launching a product though in business for 7 years could make your feel new. Wishing some exciting time ahead :)
Dmitry Sytsevich
iOS Developer
15 reviews
Hello 👋 Congratulations on the launch of Flexiple on PH! 😉 It looks amazing! I'm going to try this product out. What inspired you to create it?
Arjun Singh
Building Slow Dating 🐌
3 reviews
Congratulations on the launch Karthik! the product and the redesign looks very very slick. As a former customer - cant speak more highly. Flexiple has provided great engineering talent in <48 hours and time to hire as soon as we were comfortable post our hiring process. Rooting for you and the team!
Shravan Shandilya
🧑🏽‍💻 Currently building liveweb.space
1 review
I have been using Flexiple for the past few months as a talent partner and can totally recommend it. They take out the hard part of sourcing clients and let's me concentrate on my biggest strength.
Chiritescu Stefan
Very curious UI designer.
29 reviews
This looks to be a path that more and more companies take when it comes to hiring good people. Risks are minimised, i'm guessing paperwork too, and if the recruiting process is done by the book then companies could build long lasting teams. Now, i've seen the benfits for companies, but i'm pretty curious on benefits for designers and developers. Are there any risks that should concerne them? do they have a safety net in case a company does them wrong? I'm sure you have these in place, but having them out in the open might benefit people that want to join your team. Nicely done 💪.
Mukhammadyusuf Abdurakhimov

Tech Lead and Co-Founder of Optochka at Optochka.com

18 reviews
The application definitely needs some improvements but as it is said there is no perfect product, keep working on it! And this is a brilliant idea. With Flexiple, companies can focus on their growth without worrying about hiring the right talent. I am impressed with the handpicked professionals and the trial period. Exciting times are ahead!
Anil Damodaran
Great products make the world go round
3 reviews
This is an initiative that needs everyone's support and love. Anyone who's ever built anything knows the importance of finding fantastic designers and developers.
Srivatsan Padmanabhan
2 reviews
Flexiple is one of the finest freelance talent platforms in the market. I had the pleasure of working with them last year and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of talent and the speed at which they matched talent to our requirements. I've also worked with some leading platforms like Upwork & Toptal but Flexiple is a class apart with their speed of execution and transparent communication. I'm also a massive fan of their content marketing muscle - they have been helping the founder/builder community so much with their high-quality content. Overall, Flexiple is an excellent platform led by one of the best in the business.
Naman Modi
Building products from 0 to 1.
2 reviews
Wow! The rebranding looks fantastic, and I'm impressed by the value proposition Flexiple offers. I appreciate the emphasis on handpicking talent and the no-risk trial that comes with it. I can see why ambitious companies would want to partner with you to ace their goals. Congratulations on the launch!