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The community submitted 46 reviews to tell us what they like about Eden AI, what Eden AI can do better, and more.
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46 Reviews
Dhanush Reddy
👨‍💻 Solopreneur | chromaticlens.com
4 reviews
till now, I have seen people just posting List of AI Tool websites, directories etc. But all of them were just a redirect to a third party website. From a developer's point, it would just increase friction to signup on multiple websites. Using Eden AI, I can get any model API, without ever opening or signing up on other websites. The only API you need for building anything.
Malte Prüser

Indie maker at Krater.ai

6 reviews
I love Eden AI – Switching to Eden after juggling APIs and trying to stay on top of new models has been a terrific change. Our workflows at Krater.ai have been significantly improved, allowing us to focus on other key points in our business. We did a small interview with Eden AI a few months back; if you'd like to read it you can do so here: https://www.edenai.co/post/how-t...
Vikram Aditya
A Product Polymath & AI Enthusiast
20 reviews
Valuable, for sure. Are there plans to add a No-Code layer on top and enable things like the development of functions for various tasks using LLMs or integration of stuff like Code Interpreter?
Fabio Salvadori
I am the Founder & CEO of Wallafan
42 reviews
Grats on the launch. Got my support, I'm in love with this and I'm definitely going to use it. Having all AI APIs available from one place will cut our costs considerably. API caching contributes to that too (maybe extend its time for Professional plan?). Lots of integrations possible, fantastic, clear documentation presented in an essential way for dummies. Now about a couple of small hicups I've experienced. Beware: I always tend to review things with a super-dummy approach, so feel free to disregard any of the following of course. - You've got a spelling mistake at 🔎 I'm * a * just learning about and testing AI. - When Welcome to Eden AI appears, I was presented with 4 suggestions plus a bottom buttom labeled ADVANCED SEARCH WITH EDEN COPILOT. Suggested Eden AI features descriptions are truncated and it's not always very clear what they do: Maybe a scrollbar or a tooltip would better help to understand. - Only the title and the icon are buttonized: personally I'd find it more intuitive if the whole div was buttonized (clickable). Anyway, none of the suggestions were for me, so I clicked on ADVANCED SEARCH WITH EDEN COPILOT button: I saw things happening beyond the popup, but the popup remained active; I clicked outside the popup and it disappeared getting replaced by another one with available plans; I'm not sure how to explain this, but I would suggest to review and maybe optimize a bit that user experience because the ADVANCED SEARCH WITH EDEN COPILOT clicking action didn't return what I expected, but after a couple of further unrelated actions. Nothing staining your launch and platform at all, though. Grats again, and looking forward to do business with you.
Pierre de Milly


2 reviews
Great product!
Corentin OZENNE
Building a social app.
1 review
I use Eden A.I text to speech every day in my app. It is very useful and make you save time to find the best cost effective API option for your business.
Igor Muravyev
EQO: AI-powered food quality platform
3 reviews
A very, very interesting solution, ideal for us who implement AIn in our project. Great job!
Aamir Ayub
Product manager
1 review
I'm a product manager at edX/2U. We tested EdenAI to combat spam on edx forums and the results were surprisingly good. A non-tech person like myself was able to use their APIs which greatly sped up the product discovery phase. The cost is more than reasonable and I got to test a bunch of AI tool providers in a matter of minutes. I think they have the potential to become a Wal-mart type retailer of AI services.
Maltrud Romain
Hi, I am Romain
1 review
You guys have been creating such an excellent product! While AI and API are absolutely booming, a product like Eden AI is a must-have. Thanks for the 30$ free credit! Best chances for the launch!
Imane Mahi
1 review
The best team ever