Like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes
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What is is a non-profit, growing library of pure, high quality nature sounds from around the world. Listen to immersive natural soundscapes 🌳 🎧 Support local charities who are taking care of the Earth 🌍 πŸ€— media 1 media 2 media 3

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Quiet Places Finder
An interactive guide that maps out 'The Quietest Places in the World's Loudest Cities.' Combining data and user insights, it reveals hidden oases of calm in bustling cities. Perfect fix for urbanites and travelers!
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Earth Day Immersive Soundscapes
With this Earth Day Special, team invites you to embark on an auditory voyage through the world’s most breathtaking landscapes with our 24h playlist of immersive nature soundscapes πŸŒŽβœ¨πŸ’š
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