Decentralized Live Video SDK by dTelecom

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What do people think of Decentralized Live Video SDK by dTelecom?

The community submitted 3 reviews to tell us what they like about Decentralized Live Video SDK by dTelecom, what Decentralized Live Video SDK by dTelecom can do better, and more.
What do you think about Decentralized Live Video SDK by dTelecom?
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3 Reviews
Slava Nikitenko
Creator Your Price Booking
43 reviews
Congratulations on the start. Why did you choose blockchain technology for video and audio conferencing? Now there are many options for video conferencing without a blockchain, why do we need a blockchain? The great thing is that you can create video conferences for up to 10 people absolutely free.
Thank you for an excellent review and a great question! You have correctly noted that a mass of Video SDK operates centrally without blockchain technology. This attractive condition for customers is achieved by blockchain technology, where the infrastructure supports the owners of the network nodes, connects and maintains their servers, and for this, they are rewarded. Suppose there is a current market leader who provides a similar product, but all the income is retained. In our case, the payment received from customers will be distributed among the network nodes (servers) owners; blockchain technology here is a vital tool for building a decentralized communication infrastructure. I’ll tell you even more: on the free plan, we provide a bandwidth of 50Mbps, equivalent to 10 online participants (HD video) or 100 simultaneous online participants (audio only), or 16.2TB data per month. This is ten times more profitable than leading competitors such as Agora, Twilio, Livekit, and others.
Sathya Narayanan
Builder at heart, Generalist by skills
3 reviews
This looks promising.
Thanks, Sathya 🙏🏻
Valentina Chak
CS Team Lead.
5 reviews
I’ve used it couple of times and must say it’s pretty good!
Thank you! All the best to you 😻🙏🏻