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Alex Skuri
Alex, ex VC, CFO, COO
3 reviews
Wow! it's a game-changer for e-commerce, retailers, and marketing agencies alike! 🚀 As someone who's always on the lookout for cutting-edge tools to enhance marketing efforts, I highly recommend giving Claid Scene Creation a try. It's a fantastic solution for any e-commerce business, retailer, or marketing agency looking to up their visual game and captivate their audience. 💯🌟 Go-go Claid!

Steven Murrey
3 reviews
This is truly amazing! I had some difficulty tweaking the prompt to get the results I expected, but after spending some time with it, it's grown on me and I'm amazed at what it's capable of. Great solution for ecommerce, no brainer.

Ivan Bortnikov
1 review
Great guys, like really great

Nik Kravchenko
Content marketer
6 reviews
Automates image editing like a charm. What I like: * quality enhancement is super strong * smart frame -- potentially a game changer for product photography For those who will try it: * there will be some learning curve (as with all APIs) * use the API playground * remember the golden rule: a few hours of trial and error saves you several minutes of looking at the docs ;)

Kseniia Vynnyk
Product Manager @ Amazon
2 reviews
I've tried the tool, and it works great! Have you thought about giving some control over how product image is separated from the background (in some cases product images could be tricky - have rough edges, be not contrast enough with a background)? I also loved the idea of typing tags to create a custom scene, have you thought if that could be made with a moodboard-like approach? For example, it could help for beauty product to select a custom grass (maybe from the library), add few flowers, make adjustments of where the product is located etc.

Zonar Marketing (Zonar Diseño)

Design at Zonar Marketing

1 review

Will Veazey
Creative Director - Entrepreneur
2 reviews
Google advanced search, revealed "Good Visual Design,, of this heading, Create great product images in seconds with AI-powered API" on page one. Of the top search engine.

Onyinyechi Nneji
A product marketing manager
2 reviews
There are a lot of things that make this product unique and really functional for e-commerce brands and agencies but the most important by far is the ability to almost automate product photography without compromising on your brand guidelines. It also helps that a smooth and easy-to-use interface. This is about to transform the way marketing and photography work today using generative ai.

Creativity unleashed! At first I couldn't quite get it, but now I am getting really awesome professional looking images!

Anton Pererva
Product Engineer at Let's Enhance
1 review
Cool tool, very useful for quick content creation for products