The best alternatives to Budget Hound are Budget Meal Planner, Notion Finance and Budget Planner, and Bread Budgeting. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Budget Hound
  • Start saving money today with budget-friendly meal plans and recipes.
  • Track your expenses and income, master your budget with our automatic update of the remaining budget. Gain insights into your net worth automatically calculated, and achieve your financial goals, with this fully customizable Notion template.
  • Bread Budgeting gamifies the experience, turning saving into a fun challenge. Keep Brad the bread alive by staying within your monthly budget and unlock new unique bread characters each month you succeed! Overspend, and Brad will burn.
  • SmartBudget™ simplifies film budgeting. Create a detailed professional budget quickly, saving time and effort. Advanced algorithms provide estimations for confident and effective film production planning. Budget- Collaborate - Track Expenses - Stay in control!
  • 🔥Take control of your finances and say goodbye to money stress and get your money right💲 If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your finances, it's time to take control with The Ultimate Budget Planner.
  • Guap is a cute and very simple budget planner. The app helps you easily track your expenses and income. You can easily view statistics for any period. Persistence Tree is a new game mode for your personal motivation.