The best alternatives to Basement are Raft Calendar, Calroo, and Ddays. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Basement
  • Raft is a calendar app for couples and close friends that want to share plans and find time together.The easy and fun way to share plans and find time together
  • A family organizer app for busy parents
  • Ddays is a simple and free app for planning events together in one private space. It helps to plan all events with the following features: Polls, Todo lists, shopping lists, Simple list, Lists of contributions, Lists of expenses, Chat and Photos.
  • YoTask - calendar, chats, reminders & tasks is productivity app for not tech companies. Simple and powerful replacement for calendar + chat function.
  • 1. Check into your live venue and view popular places near you. 2. Connect with live users within your same venue. 3. Join venue group chats or send private chat requests. 4. Invite people to join your table and let the real fun begin.
  • Jawger is a family-friendly social network for the privacy conscious. Jawger's privacy-first approach offers an alternative for those seeking privacy to more meaningfully communicate online. Jawger is ideally suited for families seeking a safe environment for every family member to share experiences together as life unfolds.
  • Family & friends scheduler
  • Every piece of content is handpicked for you by your friends. You only see posts that your friends choose for you to see. With Khuro, you can - Easily choose which friends and friend groups see your posts. - Share photos with your friends. - Post your availability, plans, and thoughts.