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126 Reviews
Valeriia Dziubenko
Email Deliverability Expert
18 reviews
Adam Engberg
Co-founder of Kirmada
3 reviews
A great way to see new products and get exclusive lifetime deals to what would otherwise be a monthly subscription. Quality of offerings vary, but AppSumo do actively vet offers in their "Select" programme, assuring decent standards for Select products, at least. A 60 day no-quibble refund policy does what it says, so you can try software knowing if you don't want to keep it, you don't pay for it. Finally, we launched Kirmada on AppSumo as a Select offering and had an overall good experience, picking up about 700 new users who have given great feedback for our roadmap. If you're thinking of this for your own SaaS then you'll get the same, but you won't get MRR!
Melch 👔

Sales at Melch Capital

8 reviews
Appsumo honestly makes me so happy. Finally a place where you can get helpful software for a low ONE TIME LIFETIME fee! Right now I'm in love with the big 3 (sendfox, kingsumo & tidycal) ...I'll be trying more as my business requires them
Jacob Bozarth

Founder & Leadership

5 reviews
AppSumo is a great LTD platform. I have bought deals here and also launched our product here. The team is great at AppSumo and the community is amazing.
Karolina Birnbaum

Indie maker at Salssy

1 review
Loving it! I have bought many deals there and I find it so useful for early starters when building start-ups or any kind of company!
Rob Hussey

Founder & Leadership

15 reviews
Getting the best software deals for my business on AppSumo.
Exo Cody
Exo Cody


16 reviews
It's a go-to destination for staying ahead in the tech world! A like a lot!
Aaron Winston

Founder & Leadership at Express Legal Funding

12 reviews
AppSumo is a fun platform where I have found some good deals.
Evgeniya Chernishyova
Content maker
4 reviews
Love this platform. Very useful for marketing
Dinesh Gehlot
Affiliate Marketer, Software Reviewer
2 reviews
Review of SendFox
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