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What do people think of Albato?

The community submitted 257 reviews to tell us what they like about Albato, what Albato can do better, and more.
What do you think about Albato?
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257 Reviews
Đồng Phục Hải Triều
Founder @
41 reviews
Albato is a new automation tool that allows you to customize and automate tasks across multiple services and accounts. It has a clean and simple UI and lets you create individual rules (or tasks) or sequences of tasks that you then schedule to run automatically. Ps. Support for LarkSuite would be cool!
Chris Newnham
5 reviews
I have been using Albato for more than 10 months now and I am impressed with its features and ease of use. It is an invaluable addition to my workflow. The automatons run reliably (without fail), and they are fast to setup (no need to look at a manual the user interface guides you through the process) which has saved me a significant amount of time. 
Bimbisara Desh
Make a memorable impression online
18 reviews
Great tool and great support. Albato has really come up over the past year with many improvements and updates. Overall the tool is easy to use and the interface simple to understand. The number of apps it can integrate with is consistently being updated also.
For an inexperienced person like me it's really easy to use. I can't make comparisons with other automation systems because I'm a novice, but if everything works so quickly I don't see the need to try anything else. I've read good reviews about the support but haven't needed to use it. I can't wait to try other automations beyond email!
Jagadeesh Chundru
Expertise in SEO, CRO, and Web design
6 reviews
A Game-Changer in Lead Ad Automation For Us! Albato has truly transformed our lead ad automation process and proven to be a remarkable addition to our sales strategy. The integration of Slack and Calendly has worked wonders for our team, enabling us to close more deals. Since implementing Albato, our sales team's closing rates have significantly increased. The platform's automated lead ads and real-time Slack notifications have enabled us to engage with potential customers promptly, resulting in a remarkable improvement in our conversion rates. Moreover, Albato's user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made setting up and managing automated lead ads an effortless task. It has saved our team valuable time that can now be redirected towards building stronger relationships with our customers. Oh, let me tell you about the support we got from Albato! When we started with the Facebook API, we consumed 100 operations per day. So, I reached out to their support, and the guy there was so helpful! He recommended replacing API with webhook integration. It worked like magic! Their support helped us save the remaining operations.
Karim Mneimneh
Co-founder @99check
2 reviews
I've been using Albato and it's awesome! It's like a time-saving superhero for my business. It does all the repetitive tasks, which makes everything run faster and smoother; my team works really well together now because Albato helps us automate tasks efficiently
Ursula Lily
Co-founder of Thamaanii
1 review
Albato is an affordable alternative to Pabbly or Zappier. Though it does not offer as many integrations as its competitors, the price makes it accessible for all levels of users. Also the ability to create custom integrations is a significant advantage. However the custom app integrator is very complex to use and has a learning curve. I am not convinced non technical users will manage. Even for technical users, we really need more videos on how to use it for more complex integrations. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. They have created an academy to learn how to use the tool. One huge drawback is the way they count operations that consumes high volume extremely fast. I hope they reconsider their strategy, as many engaged users have urged them to do so many times. Also they really should invest in a ticketing system to handle user-related issues as a small chat window is really not indicated to keep track of all the issues. Even so I believe as the number of integrations increases this tool is going to be a real gem, and I'll be glad to have purchased it.
steven guilpin
4 reviews
I love Albato! Thanks to Albato, I can automate all my processes! I use it to retrieve data from my landing pages, then Albato sends this data to Google Sheet and then to my CRM. The customer service is very attentive and pleasant.
Andy Lim
Andy Lim
13 reviews
Congrats @andrew_savischenko and Albato's team. I can save time by automating repetitive tasks such as data entry across multiple apps. I wish you all success in making Albato one of the best app integrators on the market.
Dan Remon
Dan Remon
Unleashing Life Mastery
11 reviews
Albato has been my 'go to' automation tool. Easy to navigate and just works with little coding required. Super support also. Good luck with the launch!