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Sasha Zaiats 🇺🇦
👋 Hey Product Hunters! I'm Sasha, COO & co-founder of Milestone. As a UX Designer, crafting intuitive experiences is my jam. But traditional onboarding tools? SKIPfest. (‍ Anyone else skip those "Here's the Dashboard" tooltips?) The struggle is real: a whopping 75% of users churn because of bad or non-existent onboarding. Milestone solves this. We built a no-code gamification platform to make user onboarding engaging and effective. Here's the magic: 🕹️ Interactive tours: Ditch passive clicking! Get users involved with gamified steps. 👥 Super-personalization: Show the right features at the right time with advanced triggers. 💻 No-code builder: Build flows in minutes, no developer needed. 🪄 🎉 Virtual assistants & rewards: Keep users motivated with friendly guidance and fun rewards. We're passionate about building a better onboarding experience. What are your pain points? P.S. We'd love your feedback on the platform! 💚
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Dimitris Nikolaou
Hello Product Hunt! 😻 Wondercraft was born out of a passion for exceptional audio storytelling. Recognizing the difficulty of producing high-quality audio and the language barrier that prevents 80% of the world from accessing such content, Wondercraft aims to break down these obstacles to share great ideas and stories globally. Just as Canva made graphic design accessible to everyone, Wondercraft simplifies audio content creation, allowing users to produce podcasts, audiobooks, ads, and more by typing, using realistic AI voices or even their own cloned voice. Its success is highlighted by top-charting podcasts like Hacker News Recap, PG Essays, and Real News. 📈 Wondercraft not only enables content creation but also translates and dubs existing content to broaden audience reach, blending the efficiency of an AI translation with human editing and quality assurance. This unique method attracts major creators like Steven Bartlett and Ali Abdaal, making it a popular choice for expanding content globally. Wondercraft targets a diverse audience, including writers, marketers, brands, media publishers, podcasters, translators, and educators, aiming to meet the varied needs of content creators across sectors. Ready to start creating? Dive into making your own audio content now https://app.wondercraft.ai/ Our offer for the Product Hunt community: 💰 Use code PHLAUNCH50X3 to get 50% your first three months - Code valid until end of week Comment back with your audio creation and we’ll turn that 50% to 80% 🤑 Looking forward to hearing your feedback.
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