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Usermaven 2.0
Amad Ali
Hi Product Hunt Community! 👋 I'm Amad, the CTO of Usermaven, and I’m excited to share more about "behind the scene" efforts by Usermaven team to make it possible. Since our successful first launch, we've been tirelessly improving existing features and introducing new ones based on your valuable feedback. Waqar has already given you a great overview of our mission and the incredible new features we’ve rolled out. As one of the tech minds behind Usermaven, I’d like to dive a bit deeper into the innovations and enhancements that make this version not just an update, but a leap forward. 🔍 Advanced Technology for Enhanced Analytics Our team has been hard at work to ensure Usermaven 2.0 is faster and more robust than ever. We've optimized our backend with a new event pipeline server developed in Rust to handle massive amounts of streaming data, along with countless data warehouse and query optimizations, ensuring you get real-time insights without the lag, no matter whats the scale. 🤖 Cutting-Edge Maven AI Maven AI is designed to surface the most critical insights from your data effortlessly. Whether you need detailed charts to visualize your data or plain text insights automatically generated from it, Usermaven has you covered. This feature represents a significant engineering effort, with exciting enhancements in the pipeline. 📈 Revamped Contacts Hub We've completely revamped our Contacts Hub Profiles to give you a more detailed and actionable view of your users. With enhanced Visitor, User, and Company profiles, you can now see Top Events, Top Pages, and Feature Adoption insights at a glance. Key new features include Engagement Levels, Activity Heat-map, and On-boarding Status. These improvements make it easier than ever to understand and engage with your user base, driving more personalized and effective interactions. 🎢 Sophisticated Funnel Analysis Our funnel analysis tools have been supercharged to offer even more detailed insights. Key new features include breakdowns by multiple dimensions, comparisons across different time spans, and conversion time distribution between steps. Plus, we've made countless small improvements and bug fixes to ensure Usermaven remains the most user-friendly and comprehensive tool in its domain. Thank you for your continued support and trust. We can't wait to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Best, Amad CTO, Usermaven
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