Pablo Stanley
Hola, Hunters! 👋 I'd like you to meet your new personal AI design assistant! It’s called Musho, and it generates professional, on-brand website designs instantly from a simple prompt. Think of it as your creative partner inside Figma, transforming thoughts into designs at the speed of thought. Here’s how Musho can add magic to your workflow: 🌟 Instant dev-ready web designs. 🦕 Versatile web layouts, from portfolios to about pages. 🎨 On-brand consistency with Stylists. 🤏 Magic drag-to-resize responsiveness. 🔀 Endless 'Remix' iterations. 📸 20,000+ Lummi images and custom Dall-E creations. ✏️ Copywriting that fits your tone. 🧡 Plus, a social media post generator. But that's just the basics! With Musho, there’s no need to spend a fortune on design agencies or freelancers—because we believe great design should be accesible to everyone. We’ve already won the hearts of 15,217 creators generating more than 49,537 websites. And we're just getting started! Give Musho try and tell us what you think → Cheers to creating amazing designs together! 🙌
Manish Rastogi
Hello fellow hunters and makers, 🚀 Introducing Recap! 🚀 In the bustling digital age, Slack has become indispensable for team collaboration. But, let's be honest, keeping up can sometimes feel like navigating a stormy sea of notifications and conversations. 😵‍💫 That's where Recap sails in to save the day! Built with the aim to declutter, organize, and prioritize, Recap is your AI-powered first mate on the Slack ship. ✨ Here’s what Recap brings to your deck: 1. Personalized Action Items: Automatically extracts the must-dos from your Slack conversations daily. 📝 2. Task Management: Delegate tasks to colleagues, Set reminders, add notes, and track all your tasks in one organized spot. 🗓️ 3. Slack Command Tasks: Add personal tasks with ease using Slack commands and message shortcuts. 🔧 4. Channel Digests: Get a quick rundown of any channel's activity and easily share with your crew. 📊 5. Summaries: Whether it's a daily recap or an on-demand briefing, stay updated with the crux of discussions and action points. 📈 Our early users are reclaiming atleast 30 minutes a day by letting Recap handle the heavy lifting of sifting through Slack's ocean of info. ⏳ Perfect for anyone who’s: Tired of missing deadlines or important updates. 🎯 Looking to reduce turnaround times. ⏩ Needing a quick catch-up after being away from Slack. 🏖️ Desiring to organize ad hoc tasks effortlessly. 📌 Embark on a stress-free journey with Recap and let your focus sail back to what truly matters in your workday. 🌊⛵ Dive into a smoother Slack experience with Recap. It's free to use and speaks your language (yep, it’s multilingual! 🌍). Go to the link and sign up right now! We are opening invitations slowly for the best possible experience!!! Set sail with Recap today: We're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. What would you like Recap to do next? Let us know in the comments below! 💬👇
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Commerce AI
Paulo Martins
Hello Product Hunt community. I’m Paulo, CEO and co-founder of Arena. Very excited to launch our new AI product here. We’ve been on the mission to make online interaction between people and their favorite brands more than just conversations – we’re all about real, meaningful connections based on trust. Our vision is to bridge the gap between brands and people, fostering genuine connections in the digital space. As we evolved, we realized the immense potential in transforming these interactions into something more tangible - meaningful transactions. The inspiration for our latest product, this AI-powered e-commerce chatbot, stems from a simple yet powerful idea: every conversation a customer has with a brand should be engaging, informative, and lead to a satisfying outcome. We envisioned a tool that doesn’t just answer queries but understands and anticipates customer needs, guiding them from curiosity to purchase seamlessly. Imagine not just talking to your customers but really understanding and helping them, right through to a happy purchase. That’s what our new AI-powered e-commerce chatbot is all about. You can try it for free, we’d love to hear your feedback!
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NVIDIA's Startup Program NVIDIA Inception is now accepting applications. Apply today.
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