A hunter is anybody with a free, personal Product Hunt account who posts a new product to share with the community. Learn more.


We define a maker as anyone who uses technology to solve their problems. At Product Hunt, makers share what they built by hunting their product, whether they made it by themselves or contributed via a team of makers. Learn more.


A launch happens when a product is shared to a community en masse for the first time. At Product Hunt, hunting a product is often the same thing as launching a product — makers hunt their own product when they’re ready to launch it. However, products can also be hunted by others; anyone with an account. People hunt products because they like them and want to share them. Learn more.

Launch Page

On Product Hunt, when you hunt a new product, that product is given a launch page. On this page, visitors can view details about the product (like who made it) as well as comment on it, upvote it, and more. Learn more.

First comment

The first comment is the first comment left on a product’s launch page. It appears right below the gallery so it's highly visible. For makers, the first comment offers an opportunity to deep dive into the story behind your product, like why you made it and what its best features are. 70% of products that have reached Product of the Day had a first comment left by the maker. Learn more.

Product Hub

Product Hubs are your single source of truth, the place to find everything about a product’s journey including launches, reviews, job openings, and more. Learn more. Learn more.

Product of the Day

Product Hunt’s homepage features a leaderboard, where members of the (free) community upvote their favorite products. New products are added by community members every day. These products compete to reach the top of the leaderboard, or Product of the Day. The Product of the Day is determined via a confidential algorithm that evaluates all of the day’s featured products using upvotes, time since posting, and a number of other factors. Product of the Week and Product of the Month awards are also given. Learn more.