Name an app you can't live without. I'll start... Spotify.

Sneha Nair
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Karina Garcia
WhatsApp to contact my family, Instagram to keep in touch with friends around the world, Spotify and Soundcloud to keep life filled with good music, and to keep keep track of all my personal and work tasks while staying organized 🤓
Yannell Selman
@matcha_anil very true! I would lose contact with so many family members and friends outside the US without WhatsApp.
Fernando Doglio
In my case, that'll be ChatGPT. Whatsapp is definitely up there too.
Olatz Urrutia
Apart from those mentioned above, I would add Youtube
Suyash Chaudhari
Ok let's show Product Hunt some love. So for me, it is ProductHunt.🚀
Giannis Kiokpas
discord! reddit!
Sunny Kumar
Whatsapp and ChatGPT
GaganDeep Tomar
Calendar for sure.
Yannell Selman
@gagandt oh wow yes! I would be completely lost without my cal
GaganDeep Tomar
@yannell_selman I'm someone who tends to forget even the tiniest and most important things. However, I made a conscious decision to meticulously organize my schedule using a calendar, and I've experienced a remarkable 2X increase in my productivity.
Sofia Altıntaş
Definitely Spotify, no music no energy.
Richard Diaz
Mine's got to be Evernote. It's like a second brain for me - ideas, notes.
Raisa Shafiyyullah
Gmail and Google Drive.
Whatsapp, Youtube , Linkedin, Gmail Necessary app for all time.
Apple Notes Slack Telegram Headspace Outlook
Tanoy Chowdhury
Right now, it's Canva. I'm designing a bunch of assets for social media, and without Canva, I'm not sure how I was supposed to get this done.