After 16 years as a UX designer, I have created a startup. Our first product is an app for scheduling micro-breaks into your working day. It’s called Betweenclock and it does something that no other app can do: It pauses time. That's right! Betweenclock allows you to put ordinary time on hold while you make a cuppa, write a novel or simply gaze out of the window. To work this magic, you begin by setting a schedule for your breaks. Betweenclock then functions as a regular clock: it tells you the time as any normal clock would do. But here’s the difference. When you’re ready for a break, Betweenclock takes you outside of your normal routine. It frees you from the everyday and says: 'Take a moment to immerse yourself in the extraordinary possibility of doing nothing. And everything'.


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Gone streaking
Gone streaking

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  • Betweenclock
    The clock that pauses time
    Jun 2024
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