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Marnie Tave
Get e-signatures more easily. Create, manage, and send contracts, agreements, and other digital signature documents to one or multiple parties.
Simple e-signature solution for freelancers and consultants
Marnie Tave
Manage your calendar, get more bookings, do paid consulting calls โ€” and so much more โ€” from a beautiful, simple interface. Completely redesigned for version 3.0.
TidyCal 3.0
The simple calendar and booking solution
Marnie Tave
SleekBio is the easiest way to share content with your followers on Instagram, Twitter & everywhere Get more clicks with all your links in one spot - no more switching links in your bio Plus, diversify your audience so you're not dependent on one platform!
SleekBio 2.0
Embed any content in the worldโ€™s simplest bio link
Marnie Tave
In a marketing world that changes so quickly, texts are the best way to help you stand out. With ShortySMS, create success easier and faster โ€” use keyword triggers to subscribe contacts, create welcome automations, send one-off campaigns, and so much more.
Text message marketing automation, for any budget
Marnie Tave
Instead of sending emails back-and-forth, just share a TidyCal link & let the other person choose a time that works for them.
Create multiple booking types, connect up to 10 calendars, & integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, Google Calendar & Office 365.
TidyCal 2.0
Scheduling that's 10x faster & 10x simpler
Marnie Tave
We're opening the email vault from our $100+ million company. Get 40+ word-for-word email templates we've used at AppSumo to negotiate deals, sell products, generate backlinks, secure influencers, get replies from busy people... and so much more. ๐ŸŽ‰
Million Dollar Email Templates 2.0
Steal the emails that have generated $100+ million
Marnie Tave
Get more results from your email signature. Use beautiful pre-made email signature templates for your Gmail, G Suite, and dozens of your other favorite email tools. Show off your contact info and best content to get more clicks, visitors, and more.
Create beautiful email signatures in under 2 minutes.
Marnie Tave
Showcase your BEST content with a simple, beautiful SleekBio link for your social media profiles. Link your products, embed videos and podcasts, promote your social channels, and more. Plus, measure results with detailed analytics and a Facebook Pixel.
The simple, beautiful link for your social media profiles