I am a strategic marketer focused on reaching the target audience, generating leads, and optimizing marketing efforts through AI & data-driven insights. My goal is to enhance the customer experience and maximize brand exposure by collaborating with key stakeholders. Creativity and innovation drive me to exceed customer expectations, differentiate Jaeves from competitors, and boost sales revenue. I constantly monitor industry trends to evolve our marketing strategies and propel the brand to new heights of success.


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  • Jaeves: Content & Marketing AI Copilot
    Jaeves: Content & Marketing AI Copilot
    Text, images, SST, TTS, vision & code: unleash the AI power
    Dec 2023
  • AgencyDots
    Project Reporting Tool for your Software Development Agency
    Jun 2024
  • Lancepilot
    Run WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, tracking, Scheduling & CRM
    Apr 2024
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    Joined Product HuntOctober 24th, 2023