In 2020, I started Marketing Brands, the most painfully honest time frame of my life. I'm the founder of Abod Digital, a power of expertise. As a frequent keynote debater on marketing and entrepreneurship, I bring invaluable insights to help propel your brand to extraordinary success. However, I am perhaps most recognized as the white pasta-making husband of the renowned author Amna Irshad.


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Buddy System
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Maker History

  • The AI Entrepreneurs
    Making AI easy for 64,000+ weekly free subscribers
    Jul 2024
  • Teache
    Learn Something New Today
    Jun 2024
  • SpeedLegal
    Your personal AI contract negotiator
    Apr 2024
  • CountryOut
    Empower Your International Move, In Moments
    Mar 2024
  • Legal Guardian
    Legal Guardian
    Traveler, Nomad & Expat Legal Assistance Service
    Feb 2024