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October 26th, 2023
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ScreenSpace launched a new way to immerse potential customers into your product. We’re letting you add it to your launch pages.
One of my favorite things about writing Product Hunt’s Daily Digest, our flagship newsletter, is getting to explain how products work and why you should care.
I don’t just love it because I’m writing about really fun new tech. I enjoy getting an opportunity to help makers find new ways to tell their product story. 
That’s why I’m really excited to announce our new partnership with ScreenSpace.*
ScreenSpace offers an entirely new format for engaging potential customers. This is important because there’s more noise than ever, and attention spans are shrinking. We love that the ScreenSpace platform lets makers combine powerful words with digestible visuals to create interactive “Stories” of their products.

ScreenSpace in your Product Hunt gallery

At Product Hunt, we’re always working on how to give makers more tools so they can capture attention and engage users. So **starting November 1**, we’re opening up the gallery on launch pages — where videos and images live — and letting you drop in your interactive ScreenSpace link.
This will give makers another option for sharing their product’s story, values, and features with the community.
It gets better! ScreenSpace has generously offered to open up their platform to makers to embed FOR FREE on their launch pages. 🙌
We’re looking forward to seeing makers test out these interactive Stories in their launches, and we even have something new of our own that we’ve built with ScreenSpace coming soon.
For now, check out ScreenSpace’s launch page to see a Story in action, and then head to ScreenSpace’s website to start creating your own.
Let us know what you think in the comments, or reach out to our support team with questions at
**While I love to be the messenger, any credit for the collab should go Laura Mesa, Vlad Vladimirov, and Rajkumar Balakrishnan + Darren Fanton and the rest of the team at ScreenSpace.*
Comments (18)
Chris Messina
🏆 #1 Hunter!
Interesting...! Looks like it's these embeds aren't natively supported in the mobile app?
Charlie Choi
Founder and Product at LOVO AI
Super interesting...does the subscription need to be kept in order for the embed to be live on the product page?
Darren Fanton
CEO • ScreenSpace ✦
Hi @charlie_choi3! You do not need a ScreenSpace subscription to embed your Stories inside your Product Hunt launch page. You'll only need to upgrade when/if you want to share or embed your Stories on your own website, blogs, etc.
Areeba Khan
Partnership Executive at The Blockopedia
@charlie_choi3 @dfanton Your comment brightened our day. We're here to provide top-notch service always.
Navarro Daniel
I love technology
@basket random Thanks for sharing your excitement about this partnership and highlighting the importance of finding new ways to tell a product's story in a crowded and underserved market.
Anish Sharma
yeah agree, getting attention of someone is crucial where attention span is shrinking. Hope this will provide the more interactive way to engage and share stories.
Areeba Khan
Partnership Executive at The Blockopedia
@anishsharma We're thrilled to have users who appreciate our efforts. Let us know how we can improve further.
Allan Kipkorir
My personality is calm and intellectual.
Really, I love it so much.