Meet Nvidia's new localized AI chatbot

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February 15th, 2024
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When you think about AI, you probably go to companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. However, one company has been moving in relative silence behind the scenes, and it’s Nvidia.
The chip company is usually associated with high-end gaming, but since the rise of AI, it has become a powerhouse of future tech, and thanks to the AI chip boom, it’s now worth more than Alphabet and Amazon after hitting a market cap of $1.83 trillion.
Now, Nvidia has decided to dabble in consumer-facing AI with the launch of Nvidia Chat with RTX. It’s a demo app (currently available for certain Windows machines) that lets you build a custom GPT large language model (LLM) that’s connected to your docs, notes, videos, and other data sources.
What’s the big deal? It’s a fair question and something I asked myself. After all, it’s not like we are starving for choices regarding chatbots. The big difference here is that it's localized to your machine, unlike, say, ChatGPT, which is based on a dataset and the internet.
Chat with RTX instead relies on your chosen data to build an LLM customized to your needs. It’s particularly adept at things like quickly scanning PDFs, summarizing documents, and you can even paste a YouTube URL to search for and pinpoint specific points throughout a video
As mentioned, it is only a demo, and that comes with drawbacks. According to the Verge, source attribution is not always accurate, and it doesn’t have conversational memory in contrast to OpenAI, which is testing the ability to turn memory on or off.
All in all, though, it’s an interesting experiment into what localized AI could look like in the near future, especially when considering potential privacy concerns and how machine-local AI solutions could solve them.
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Kabirat Odugbemi
so friendly and easy going
it an amazing product congratulations
Shane Wade
it's amazing
Product manager, Building a effect app.
It's simply amazing, looking forward to his further upgrade.
Lily Collins
Hello! My name is Lily Collins
I am very impressed with That's Not My Neighbor Nvidia's progress and creativity in creating Nvidia Chat with RTX, a demo application full of potential and promise for the future of artificial intelligence.