Anthropic says its latest models can give GPT-4 and Gemini a run for their money

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March 5th, 2024
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It’s been an eventful week in the AI world. We’ve seen a new lightweight suite of LLMs from Google, a new AI model built by a Microsoft-backed company, and now another company has something to say.
Anthropic announced Claude 3 — a suite of AI models the company claims are its fastest and most powerful yet.
Claude 3 comes in three flavors: Claude 3 Opus, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Haiku, with Opus being the largest, most expensive model and Haiku being the smallest and cheapest.
Anthropic claims that Claude 3 will answer more questions, understand more context, and provide more accurate results when compared to the company's previous launches.
Opus and Sonnet are available now to test out on and through the company's API. Haiku, the smallest of the bunch, will arrive a little bit later, and all three can be deployed on applications like chatbots, auto-completion, and data-extraction tools.
How good is it?
Unlike the company’s earlier models, Claude 3 is multimodal, so it understands and interacts with text and photo user inputs, and it seems Claude 3 is outperforming GPT-4 across several benchmarks.
Take Claude Opus as an example. According to the company, it showed better graduate-level understanding than GPT-4, scoring 50.4 over GPT-4’s 35.7.
Even the smallest of the bunch, Haiku, is showing some impressive results, with the company saying in a blog post that it can “read a dense research paper complete with charts and graphs in less than three seconds.”
Size doesn't always matter
As mentioned above, this isn't the only big AI launch over the past few weeks. Google also launched Gemma, a suite of lightweight, open-source AI models that make up for their lack of size by being fast.
Now, with Anthropic putting more effort into building models that can handle more lightweight tasks at a quicker pace, it begs the question of whether one of the next big trends we see is AI companies putting more resources into lightweight models that ditch some of the more mind-blowing, data-heavy abilities to instead focus on executing more remedial tasks at a lightning-quick pace.
What next? 
The big question is how OpenAI responds. For some time now, the company's flagship model, GPT-4, has been the standard to reach when it comes to AI models, but as time goes on, it's only natural that competitors start to swallow up more of that pie.
The company has been pretty tight-lipped about when GPT-5 is coming, but as more and more companies step up to offer an alternative, the spotlight shifts to the darling AI company to see what it has under its sleeve.
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Storify News
Storify News: Anthropic's bold claim to challenge GPT-4 and Gemini with its latest models is certainly intriguing. As AI advancements continue to accelerate, it's fascinating to see companies pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We look forward to witnessing how Anthropic's innovations will shape the future of AI. Exciting times ahead!"
Quratulain Rehman
This is very knowledgeable
Justin Tomlinson
I can't wait to see the changes with GPT5, big platform changes coming soon to @respire_team
it seems Claude 3 is outperforming GPT-4 across several benchmarks. color blind test
Viscanzo Smith
Although AI helps a lot but few sector in development it is still complex for AI like when you talk about cross sectional area of a wire formula and development of electronics AI can't do that currently.