Announcing product categories

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July 11th, 2023
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Over the last 10 years (🤯), Product Hunt has grown from a newsletter into a large and complex directory of products. Many moons ago, we introduced topics as a way to organize our growing catalog. Unfortunately, over time, they’ve gotten less useful. There are some interesting and useful topics, but there’s also many of varying specificity and clarity like “baseball”, “physics”, “DJ Khaled”, and “Work in Progress”.
While many people in our community are interested in what’s new (aka, the homepage), there’s an equally large use-case for finding a cool product to solve a particular use-case, whether that’s a new link-in-bio tool, AI avatar generator, or investing app. Because topics don’t have a clear ruleset or taxonomy, they aren’t a great way to explore Product Hunt or find products that solve specific problems.
Today, we’re adding categories to the mix.
Categories are a new taxonomy for Product Hunt that is focused on what your product does. Superhuman is an email client. Zoom is video conferencing software. Later is a link-in-bio and social media management tool.


Categories are what your product is or what problem it solves. (AKA, not AI)
Topics might include general industries, specific features, technologies, or keywords (like AI).
At the moment, categories are meant to supplement topics. Topics will still exist, although you can think of them more as ‘additional flavor’ than a primary taxonomy.

It’s not perfect

Like any new feature, there are kinks to work out. We’ll be adding additional categories, and changing the taxonomy around a bit as we learn from you.

How can I edit my product categories?

While we got started on categorizing existing products internally, there are plenty we haven’t got to yet, and there are plenty of products that have launched over the years that simply defy any normal categorization structure (that’s ok).
You can edit the category of your products by editing your product pages (read more about this in our help article). Not everything will fit perfectly in one of our initial categories – let us know if you think there’s a bucket of products that we’re missing.
Please send us any feedback, categories we’re missing, or suggestions around taxonomy.
Comments (14)
Chris Messina
This is going to make my hunting process much more complicated. 😓
(L1)Work & Productivity -> (L2)File storage platforms: I am wondering if it would be better to call this "File storage and sharing". We have (L1)Platforms - that's a tough one. What is and ist't a platform after all!
Julio Medina
might be worth adding in some sort of feedback loop where users can suggest a category or easily mark one as not relevant to help. Kinda like how users can add feedback on google pages etc.
Bohdan Hernandez Navia
I tried to find a suitable Category & Subcategory for my product Is it possible to add Lifestyle as category and Shopping as sub-category?
Kyle Frost
@boherna I added it -- you won't see it in the nav yet but you should be able to add it from your hub.
Peter Cottle
Nice work Kyle! I agree that freeform topic taxonomies usually descend into chaos over time 😅 excited to see how categories help