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Product at Fieldmobi

9 reviews
Congratulations on the launch, Ayhan! This product is going to be a game-changer for sales professionals!
Irina Haupt
I don't come with an energy saving mode.
2 reviews
Provides me with usable data instantly - 5 stars!
Abi P
Abi P
Business Analyst at Narrato
4 reviews
Looks great! Looking forward to exploring more features in the upcoming days :D
Sagar Vadhiya

Sales at GTCSYS Technology Partners

1 review
Congrats on the launch, Ayhan! This product is going to help sales guys like me a lot. Would love to explore more upcoming features. Godspeed!
Maria Noemi Hernandez


3 reviews
We're definitely going to check to predict what customers want, refine our pitches, and gain invaluable insights. This is a very interesting AI use case!
Judit Berg
I like cats!
5 reviews
Vespio is definitely a 5-star product :)

Marketing at Back4App

37 reviews
I'm looking forward to implementing Vespio as part of our strategy to improve our customer interaction and optimize our data-driven analysis of customer interest!
Anna Kasumova
Co-founder & marketer at
103 reviews
Dear Ayhan! Congrats on the launch! The idea is very cool. I worked as a CEO in a e-commerce area a lot of years. The basis of all sales is a call-center. To control the call-center is the hardiest task, it's really not easy to create scripts, listen to all operators voices, and etc. Operator's script must be dynamic, and it depends of how the clients react on every speech. We tried to listen all operators voice records but it was really impossible. We hired a call center who will only listen too what the sales call center tell during the sales. And etc etc etc. I can really tell that your tool is great if it helps to maintain sales scripts depends on sales funnel. I like that this is AI based because it will help to control clients mood and emotions. What about your pricing? Now it's free but then? About your video, I think it doesn't give clear information about your product, you can change it in future to be more clear. Great product. Best wishes to you!
Alina is cool. good luck guys!
Ayhan Dzhemalov
Thank you, Alina! We appreciate every support and tester :)
Rahul Luthra
Product Designer | Founder
3 reviews
Vespio really does dig deep into your customer's behaviors. I'm using Vespio for one of my new projects and it's truly been eye-opening to see some of the insights about my users 😍 would 100% recommend