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Udayraj Parmar


393 reviews
Your new product is a testament to your vision, passion, and commitment to excellence. Congratulations on its successful launch! I'm blown away by BRIOCHE from! Kudos to the team for their hard work🫡
love it!
Cristopher Ma

Data & Analytics

2 reviews
The Breakfast app connects you with new creatives over breakfast. The interface is user-friendly, and the focus on real-life interactions sets it apart. It's become a weekly highlight for me, introducing me to fascinating people. If you're after meaningful connections without the fuss, give this app a shot.
Thank you for your tone of voice, so user-friendly microcopy in your interface 🖤
Anastasia Borovyk
3 reviews
Have been using the app since 2019, met the most amazing people on it.
Torres Wilson


1 review
I've been using The Breakfast app, and it has been a fantastic way to meet new people in a casual, laid-back setting. As a creative professional, it's refreshing to connect with others without the pressure of dating or networking. Just enjoying breakfast and engaging in inspiring conversations has been a great addition to my routine
Yelyzaveta Kyriakova
Building a mental-health app
1 review
Great idea overall! I have been using it for few months. Had just 1 breakfast cause filtered people, than cancell the subscription because find it too expansive for such small number of people
Чайзат Ховалыг
Product manager at Aitarget
1 review
I had been using in Moscow in 2021, but now I'm in Yerevan. I'm waiting for you in Yerevan, guys.
Namikaze Minato

Operations at om coffe

6 reviews
very innovative tolook new person just want to share with
Roman Sydorenko
Founder @thepureapp
1 review