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23 Reviews
Ankit Jaitly

Data & Analytics

7 reviews
Nozzle has no doubt one of the best rank tracker I have found in years. The depth of analysis is just fascinating. Have been using it for more than a year now and really thankful I found it out! I am more excited since last week since I came to know about Keyword Clustering, and the way its done is really amazing. Keep up the great work team, wish you more success!!

Theo Pistorius
Founder of 4 SA biz's. Pls no cryptos
14 reviews
Nozzle really makes SERP simple. Highly, highly recommend. Support is exceptional.

Chris “Journeyman” Scott
10 reviews
Another Nozzle success! I've been playing around with the clustering tool for the last couple weeks and so far I've been impressed. It's a great addition to the best rank tracking tool available. Great job Team!

Danny Ardika
1 review
Nothing competitive to this Newborn product growing. Stable and have to be the lead for ranking keyword

3 reviews
I don´t why it named NOZZLE 🤪, but it´s one of the best Keyword Tool out there 😁👍 Continued development and with the Cluster feature, Nozzle is again top-notch. If you are a technical SEO and/or Content writer, Nozzle is sky rocking your work 🚀 - A must have!

Tech enthusiast. Live to win.
3 reviews
Congrats on the keyword clustering launch. Have been looking around for similar tools. This will definitely help in creating a better and more useful content and SEO focus.

Shivakumar k Nayak
Myself Shiva and I am an SEO Analyst.
4 reviews
The most powerful Ranktracker and in depth SERP tool. Yes, Nozzle has many great features that make it one of the best keyword rank tracking tool that tracks the performance of keywords and brands for websites, blogs, social networks, and more. Surprisingly It offers unlimited tracking of competitors which is the unique feature. ✅ Excellent keyword tracking ✅ Flexible scheduling ✅ Excellent analysis ✅ Unlimited competitor tracking ✅ Tracking of any brand properties, not just website pages ✅ Many unique tracking features ✅ A great picture of the entire SERP ✅ Promising roadmap

Steven 👾
Helping people work smarter, not harder.
33 reviews
Nozzle is a powerful and intuitive SEO tool. The new keyword clustering feature is a game changer!

Bruno Carvalho
Hello, i'm here.
16 reviews
Discovered Nozzle not a long time ago at SMX. Could immediately feel it's a mandatory tool if you want to succeed with your business. Loved the demo and already subscribed into their Trial. Thanks!

vijay anand
Digital marketing
5 reviews
It's one of the best, and great to see keywords clustering on it now