Holoframe | Augment your NFTs

Frame your NFTs and collections in augmented reality
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What do people think of Holoframe | Augment your NFTs?

The community submitted 21 reviews to tell us what they like about Holoframe | Augment your NFTs, what Holoframe | Augment your NFTs can do better, and more.
What do you think about Holoframe | Augment your NFTs?
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21 Reviews
Shashank Singh

Community & Support at Invincible Media

12 reviews
They sent me unsolicited spammed me on WhatsApp. How can they still be standing at #3 when it's clearly against the PH guidelines?

Tauland Goge
1 review
Very satisfied with you guys!

Vlad Zivkovic

Indie maker

24 reviews
It's really cool tool to showcase NFTs in AR.

Ervis Pano

Engineering at Comply

1 review
Great and innovative product!

Andrijana Georgievska
1 review
I gave this a spin for couple of days, and must say my NFTs never looked better. Big shout out to the team for the amazing product and performance.

Dmitry Shvetsov
1 review
I tried Holoframe app for 2 days time and here is my review. Feature one: display a single frame with augmented reality (smartphone or tabled needed) - that's promising, it looks good, frames are customisable, the performance is good and picture is smooth - one frame is not that interesting - you cannot have permanent augmented reality and to showcase a frame you need to "put" and "setup" a holoframe Feature two: showcase a collection. - to use this feature you need a link collection from opensea and I am not an opensea user and it is not opening for me right now (just use Magic Eden ;)) so I was not able to test this feature - it would be great if more marketplace will be supported What features will make this app amazing (subjective opinion): - ability to put holoframes on a wall (I got assured it will be available soonish) - permanent augmented reality - Solana blockchain support, a lot of amazing collections there I got assured it is coming soon, yay!) - BNB support, there a community of photographers there

Milica Petrovic
Social Media Manager
2 reviews
Super-simple to use, I've tested it out with a few of my photography NFTs. Works with Polygon ones, too! 🪄

San Bag
San Bag
1 review

Ariola Musabelliu
Business Developer/ story teller

Co-founder and CPO @ Bizzllet
5 reviews
Congrats on the launch and good luck with the future development!