We just updated our website, what do you think?

Matteo Zumpano
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Nitin Joshi
seems like website is very slow.
Business Marketing with Nika
It took a while to be properly loaded. Also, in my Chrome browser, some things are not aligned: (e.g. Templates text)
This website needs to be optimized. It loads very slowly. Also it looks like too much information in the short section.
Hossein Yazdi
For me the header image took quite a long to load, however, I think the dark theme doesn't suit your site well and look trustworthy, I'd suggest you go with a light theme instead. I hope it helps! :)
Nika Salute
It's pretty and stylish, but it was hard to understand what to do right away. Usually, there's a sign-up form in the hero section, and not having it (or at least a clear CTA button) was confusing. Having two CTAs at the bottom made it even more complicated. Why would I need 90 tutorials? It feels overwhelming, like the software is so hard to use that you need 90 tutorials. Try giving a single CTA for each page.
Pat Miolan
Where do you want your visitors to look right away? I assume the headline. If so, let me share that my eyes are going directly to the blue animation in the subheadline. Overall, the blue is capturing all the attention.
It works very slow for me.
Yernar Akim
Launching soon!
the website is smashed into one page upon loading - not sure if others see the same. The Pagespeed Insights score is very low: 25/100 on desktop and 7/100 on mobile. I'd reconsider the platform you use for the website, seems servers are extra-loaded when rendering content. The promise is great, but I'm missing more details on how it works, or how the AI works.