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6 MacOS Menu Bar Apps
  • A one man software studio that crafts native apps for macOS and iOS based in Berlin, Germany. Founded by me, Martin! My apps are opinionated, cultural impactful and tailored for the creative and ambitious.
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  • Full-time open-sourcerer. I make macOS apps, CLI tools, npm packages. Currently into Swift & Node.js.
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    Sindre Sorhus
  • I run a small software company that makes apps and SaaS. I’ve worked with Atlassian, News Corp, and the University of NSW. Feel free to email me, I have a standing invitation.
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  • TopNotch is a free macOS app that hides the notch by making your menu bar black. It's only cosmetic and doesn't take away any screen real estate ✨
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  • View today’s schedule right from the menu bar. The perfect companion to the built-in Calendar app. You can also quickly join video calls. The app is free and requires macOS 13.
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  • Use this as a visual cue to stay motivated and manage time more efficiently. The simplicity is a feature. The app is free and Requires macOS 14.
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