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  • Simplify was made by me, Michael Leggett. I was Gmail's lead designer from 2008 to 2012 and co-founded Google Inbox. I've been writing Chrome extensions for years to simplify the apps I use but have only ever shared them with friends. With the unfortunate demise of Google Inbox, I wanted to offer a more simplified Gmail experience to everyone.
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    Simplify Gmail
  • Browser extension to improve the experience on the new Twitter by giving more focus to what matters: the tweets. Not the right sidebar or the gigantic menu labels.
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    Simplified Twitter
  • Enhance your Hacker News experience with a beautiful, clean, modern design that's fully customizable. Once installed, this free extension will simply apply the new look and features to existing HN article pages, without you having to do anything.
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    Modern for Hacker News
  • Papis is a Chrome extension to take notes.
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