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Instantly see a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want.
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Unroll.Me for iOS

Oh, no, these annoying emails again?! Don't worry Unroll.me is your email unsubscribing hero! Once you get it, it will go through your email address and provide you with a list of all your subscriptions and let you unsubscribe from them forever and it will combine the ones you want to save in one email delivered to you every day, called the Rollup!

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Questions about Unroll.Me

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Unroll.Me is a free app and service. However, consumers should note that they make their money through ads and by selling customer data to third parties.

Yes, Unroll.Me is considered a safe productivity tool for the general consumer. However, because the company does sell their customer data to third parties, many privacy advocates argue that other alternative apps and email-unsubscribing tools might be safer and more reliable options.

Users must first visit the website and enroll their email address to authenticate their access. Unroll.Me then analyzes your emails, looking for subscriptions, which it then bundles up together for easier viewing. Once this is done, you have 3 options:

  1. unsubscribe forever
  2. keep in inbox
  3. add to the Unroll.Me "Rollup".

If you decide to unsubscribe forever, Unroll.Me will unsubscribe from the sender/list in question within 24 hours. The full day is given as a grace period to ensure that no user unsubscribes by mistake and gives you time to reverse this action if needed. After that you will be permanently unsubscribed, and Unrolle.Me will create a new rule for that sender so any future messages go straight into the trash. If you decide to keep the subscription in your inbox, Unroll.Me will leave the emails from those senders alone. And if you decide on the 3rd option, the Unroll.Me Rollup creates a summary of your subscriptions which you will receive either daily, weekly, or monthly, and at the time of day of your choosing. Through these 3 options, you are able to finally remove the email subscriptions you don't truly use or need anymore. You're also able to act decisively on the email subscriptions you do want, but in a more streamlined and less cluttered way.

Yes, Unroll.Me is legitimate, and provides a desirable service as a bulk email unsubscribing tool that can greatly increase productivity for its users. However, concerning for many consumers and privacy advocates is the fact that Unroll.Me harvests and sells their customer data to third parties.

Unroll.Me is a simple tool, available for both desktop and as an app for mobile, that helps you clean up your inbox by consolidating the "gray mail" you receive into one summary email. Gray mail isn't technically spam, as they are solicited, but as they often arrive in bulk and do tend to clog up your inbox, they are often a nuisance. The various subscriptions you've signed up for, and for which you receive near constant update emails are an example of gray mail. Unroll.Me is a simple and effective productivity tool that consolidates all those various subscriptions into one summary email and then allows the user to either 1) unsubscribe forever, 2) keep in inbox, or 3) add to the Unroll.Me "Rollup". The Unroll.Me "Rollup" is the summary of your email subscriptions which will be kept in its own folder, and helps with your productivity by opening up space in your inbox for more pressing email, and being far less of an eyesore. A very popular and effective tool, Unroll.Me received the following awards:

  • #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on November 5, 2015
  • #3 Product of the Week on Product Hunt on November 5, 2015.