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On-device AI development assistant for your entire workflow
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What is Pieces for Developers?
Pieces™ is an on-device AI coding assistant that boosts developer productivity by helping you solve complex development tasks through a contextual understanding of your entire workflow. Leverage real-time context from all of your tools to ask questions about your daily interactions, capture important information, explain concepts or entire repositories, and generate ready-to-use code.
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Polymer hiring
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Pieces Copilot+
Ask questions about anything on your desktop computer. With live context from your entire workflow, your personal AI copilot can summarize online research, resolve complex coding issues, and streamline every aspect of your work-in-progress journey.
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Pieces Copilot
Pieces Copilot helps you solve your most complex coding problems through a contextual understanding of your workflow. Leverage local, cloud and custom LLMs within our native desktop app and integrations for a secure, tailored, and productive experience.
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