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Kommunicate with Spreadsheets
Train chatbot on your spreadsheets from across the organization to get real-time actionable insights. Ditch charts and tables to find insights from your data. Keep conversations contextual in your brand tone with custom training.
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AI-Powered Customer Service Automation Platform
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What is Kommunicate?
Kommunicate is an AI-powered customer service automation platform. It provides flexible, accurate, and scalable generative AI-powered chatbots for enterprises to deliver superior customer experience.
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Kommunicate GenAI
Supercharge your customer support with Kommunicate's generative AI-powered chatbots that can be trained on your documents, FAQs, and Knowledge Base. Deploy them on any website, mobile app, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram.
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Kommunicate 3.0
Kommunicate allows businesses to build, deploy and maintain powerful chatbots on their websites and mobile apps. Introducing Kommunicate 3.0 with Flow Designer, Advance Analytics and Omnichannel integration capabilities.
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