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July 19th, 2024
This AI startup lets you dictate your work to your computer This AI startup lets you dictate your work to your computer

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a number of startups trying to push AI further by making sure it’s context-aware. Sarah from the Product Hunt team recently covered Pieces Copilot+ in our dev tools newsletter, which captures context across everything developers are working on to boost productivity. 

Now, TalkTastic wants to tackle the same problem but for a larger set of users. It’s a context-aware AI-powered keyboard app that automatically transcribes your speech and refines and rewrites what you’re saying based on the context of your screen. It works across all of your MacOS apps that use your keyboard, such as Slack, Teams, and everything in between.

Say you’re about to reply to an investor email. Rather than typing it out, you can hit the microphone button and start dictating your copy. From there, TalkTastic will write your email while fixing any vocal tics, adjusting for tone, and correcting any spelling of names, all based on what’s currently on your screen. Then, if you hop over to Slack and DM your coworker, TalkTastic will automatically adjust it for that scenario. 

According to the team, TalkTastic combines the capabilities of Apple Dictation, on-device Whisper, ChatGPT, Claude, and Google Gemini into one powerful, easy-to-use package” and 

It’s not the Founder and CEO, Matt Mireles’s first rodeo in the voice scene either. He previously founded a Google Ventures-backed startup that focused on video transcription powered by speech, which was later acquired. 

July 18th, 2024
This case turns your Apple Watch into an iPodThis case turns your Apple Watch into an iPod

A few days ago, when unpacking, I stumbled upon my old iPod classic. I immediately felt nostalgia when I remembered the days of bopping along to Linkin Park through those tinny, white earbuds that came as default. 

If you’re not as lucky as me, you can always pick up a second—or third-hand iPod classic on the internet, but if you don’t want to do that, there is another way—kind of. TinyPod is a case that lets you hold and use your Apple Watch like you would an iPod. It comes with a cutout for both the screen and back sensor, and if you upgrade to the $79 version, you even get a scroll wheel, which controls the digital crown. 

TinyPod isn’t just a case for reliving days gone by, though. It’s designed to make your Apple Watch a more capable companion to your phone. Say you’re going on a run and don't want to drag around your iPhone 15 Pro Max. Chuck your cellular Apple Watch into the TinyPod case, and you’ve got a compact phone that you can control with a scroll wheel. 

It doesn’t try to replace your phone, and that’s kind of where the appeal comes from. Recently, we’ve seen a number of products (usually AI-powered launches) striving to become your main device, but they are often underpowered, too costly, or not smart enough. TinyPod’s ‘if you can't beat em, join em’ approach is a more accessible way to cut down on phone usage whilst retaining most of the smart features you might need. 

According to the makers, TinyPod will start shipping sometime this summer. It comes in three different sizes and sells for either $29 for the lite version without the scroll wheel or $79 for the standard version. 

July 15th, 2024

Moshi is a new AI chatbot founded by French billionaire Xavier Niel. It’s designed for hyper-human-like conversations. It comes with voice mode by default and prioritizes ultra low latency. 

ElevenLabs launched an API to compliment its Voice Isolator tool. It allows developers to easly implement the audio cleanup technology into any number of their own apps. The team even showcased how easy it is to build on top of it with Claude. 

Runway Financial came out of beta last week. Backed by Garry Tan and others to the tune of $22.7 million, Runway Financial uses AI to help you automate your startups finances and important documents. 

Sign AI is a virtual, realtime, AI-powered sign language interpreter that lives within video calls, conferences, and really anywhere it can be deployed. It’s a technological solution to the current shortage of interpreters.

More launch stories
July 8th, 2024

Writebook is a platform for creating and publishing web-based books by 37signals — the team that also built Basecamp and Hey, co-founded by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Writebook is a downloadable software you can self-host, giving authors the power of ownership. Read more.

Suno is an AI-powered music app that secured $125 million in funding for its text-to-song method of generating entire tracks. It launched its new iOS app. You might have also seen its name around because Suno is being sued by music labels for copyright infringement. Read more.

next play is a new community network from Ben Lang, who’s known for helping lead Notion’s community growth from its early days. The next play community helps support people in finding their next role through introductions to startups, gatherings, and newsletter content.

Voice Isolator is another launch from AI company ElevenLabs that removes unwanted background noise and produces clear dialogue for audio clips and videos. You can see if it is as impressive as the demo is here.

Google launched Gemma 2. The lightweight models (9B and 27B) are being pitched to developers who want to incorporate AI into their apps or smart devices. Gemma 2 massively improves its performance on math-based questions, creative writing, cognitive reasoning, and more. Read more.

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