How quickly do you reach for your phone in the morning?

Ryan Gilbert
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We are increasingly connected to our phones which can make it difficult to fully unplug or be present at times. Once you wake up to start your day, how quickly do you reach for your phone to check your mentions, emails, etc?


Joanna Kurylo
Within the first 10 minutes, but I'm trying to stop, it's such a bad habit!
Luka Vasic
I sleep with my phone in my bed soo immediately unfortunately, but I usually don't answer any emails/messages in the first hour.
Ryan Stone
Usually while I’m eating breakfast. About 20 minutes after I wake up. I do listen to my news podcast while I’m making breakfast.
Mary Lom
Usually, I try to avoid using my phone till breakfast. But sometimes I use it immediately after waking up😭
Marni Wandner
our phones sleep in the other room so I wait till i've had my morning water before I look (but it wasn't always this way, that's for sure!)
Jeff Wall
I check the news/reddit on my phone first thing in lieu of reading the back of a shampoo bottle like the olden days if you catch my drift. πŸ˜‚ As far as emails, just give a 15 second glance at subject lines to make sure nothing crazy happened overnight, but never actually open anything unimportant until it's time to work.
Michael Andreuzza
So quick I don't realize I took it. Shame on me.
Paul VanZandt
Given that I use my phone as an alarm clock, I use it almost immediately. This doesn't last for more than around 10 minutes and I get up and start the day after that.
Michael Silber
I start my day looking at my phone, but I only look at notifications from my WhatsApp and Messages apps (i.e. my personal communication channels). I have the red counter badges turned off for basically everything else, which removes the impulse to check those other apps first thing in the morning.
Joshua Dance
It is my alarm. I want to get a different alarm clock.
Ryan Gilbert
@joshdance Same! Been thinking of getting a simple alarm clock to avoid the phone.
Jenny Kahn
@joshdance @ryangilbert same! I ordered one from Aliexpress, but it broke right away... Recommendations welcome!
Joshua Dance
@ryangilbert @jenny_kahn I just got this one on Amazon for $20. We will see how it does.
Ondrej Zak
@ryangilbert @jenny_kahn @joshdance Which one did you get? I prefer a light alarm, as it feels more natural :)
It depends if I'm being cuddled by children or not. If not then I go for the phone within about 10 seconds 🀣
Dylan Merideth
tbh immediately, I have thought about augmenting this but am unsure how to "game the system" so to speak
Wiktoria Jaszcza
About an hour after I wake up, sometimes later.
Sofiko Papkhadze
ASAP. Especially when I slept through all the alarmsπŸ˜†
Emmanuel Lefort
I listen to the radio news every morning, so pretty fast after waking up. But I consider it the same as when my parents were turning on the news on the radio at breakfast when I was a kid. They still do by the way, using a plain old FM transistor radio.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I reach out to my phone in the morning as soon as my alarm rings and since then, it basically stays with me till I go to bed. I had tried to practice the "no phone for the 1st hour of your day" rule but to be very honest, it is extremely difficult!
Philipp Stelzel
Too quickly, but I am now trying to start the day by brewing coffee and going for a walk without my phone (let's see if I can keep this habit)
Martina Hackbartt
I'm not proud, but usually, when the alarm wakes me up, I grab my phone for a bit and check if I have any emails/messages. Because of the time difference, my team usually messages me around 4-5-6 am my time.
It depends on where I am sleeping and if the Sunlight from the window crosses my path early. Sunshine is powerful for me, and It draws me to explore. Never going to touch a phone when you feel like that waking up. Also positioned away from the sleeping space helps, but I haven't gotten over the need to be able to answer quickly if DHubby Calls and has a problem to solve. Waking up to sunshine instead of Twitter is much more productive. But Twitter is motivating too. Disclaimer: #LoveYourShiftWorker 2pm-1am
Cris Barbs
The moment I wake up. That's something I have to learn and control.