Have you already launched, or are you still planning to?

Alina Salavatova
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We have a launch coming up in a week. We are very nervous about it and are eagerly looking forward to the week passing quickly. How are things going with you? Have you already launched, or are you still planning to?


Denis Banda
I am planning to launch in the coming week, so I am going to sped most of my time this weekend to prepare for that. Do you have any suggestions for me?
Karl Singleton
Hey Alina! Best of luck with your upcoming launch! We're currently in the planning phase and eagerly anticipating our launch in the near future. Exciting times ahead for both of us! πŸš€βœ¨
Kyle DeSana
We're launching February 1st!
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Sathish Nagarajan (SNR)
Best of luck Alina, what are the parts do you have in your marketing plan?
You and me both!! About the nervousness! I launch Feb 5th. Happy to support each others launch! Just requested to connect on LinkedIn
Elisa Tamburini
Best of luck for your upcoming launch! We launched several times here on Product Hunt, and we are planning to launch again in the future. Feel free to ping me on LinkedIn when you launch, so i can support you!
Artyom Sviridov
We did, in November 2023 :) Good luck with your upcoming launch!
Francesco D'Alessio
We'll launch in March.
launched beta this month, planning a stable launch in Feb/march if PH allows
Roza Zakaryan
We are planning next month, what about you?
Harsh Vyas
We are launching on the last day of the first month of this new yearβ€”January 31, 2024. πŸ˜„
Sahaj Arora
We launched with a 1-day waiting period ( https://mockinterviewer.ai ) and I can only imagine how anxious you might be feeling about your upcoming launch. However, keep believing in it and working for it and it shall all work out miraculously. Good luck with your launch!
Huynh Trinh
All the best for your coming launching.
Carter Michael
Have launched other things before, next launch is tomorrow.